Career After 12th – 99% Job Guarantee

There are many career options after 12th. One can do B.Sc., Engineering, B.A., B.Com., B.Tech and etc. A huge crowd is doing the same after 12th. Students do not have proper knowledge of what to do after 12th. As B.Sc., Engineering, and others are old options. They are valuable but there is a huge competition because every student will do the same.

The motive – What to do different that will give a guaranteed job with a good salary?

If you have good determination, good physic, good mental power, then you should do “Fireman Training”. Becoming a firefighter is not an easy job, getting a job is too easy but you need to be fit from your mind and body because you will get a job to take challenges. 

If you have a fear of fire and taking challenges then it is not a suitable career for you, however, if you want to help others by saving a life, if you want to earn good money and if you want jobs to chase you, then you should choose none other than becoming a FireFighter. 

How to become a FireFighter?

For becoming a FireFighter, you will have to take “Fireman Training” that can be taken from NAFS (National Academy for Fire and Safety). This is one of the best institutes in Madhya Pradesh, has 7 branches all over the MP. Visit website or you may call at 9074716603, 8770631334, 9301910350, 7047829191

Where you can get jobs?

All types of Government and Private Industry recruit “FireFighters” for preventing extreme situations. 

Where you can get jobs at Government Sectors?

As there is no limit of sectors, all sectors need firefighters. I am sharing top sectors here. 

  • Airport Authority of India
  • Defense Services
  • Airforce
  • Navy
  • Shipping Corporation
  • Textile Industry
  • Thermal Power Plants
  • Municipal Corporation
  • Cement Plants
  • Refineries
  • Petrochemicals 
  • And many more…

Can I get Officer Rank Job becoming a FireFighter?

Yes, everywhere in the world, every sector has officers. You can become an officer rank by becoming a FireFighter. You need to upgrade your skills and studies from time to time. There are fireman training courses for 6 months, 1 year, 2 years and 3 years. You can do courses for promoting yourself. NAFS institute is giving excellent results and hundreds of students become firefighters. 

Why becoming FireFighter is best?

This is a less known industry. People are not aware of this type of job. People don’t know how to become a firefighter. You will get less competition and your probability of becoming an officer ranked firefighter is not too difficult. 

Why a 99% guarantee?

NAFS gives 100% assistance and you get a 99% guaranteed job. NAFS tells you about interviews in private and government sectors. 1% is not guaranteed because some students do not adhere to all the guidelines. As we all know, everyone is not the same. 

NAFS gives all information through telephone, you may call at 9074716603, 8770631334, 9301910350, 7047829191 or website and 

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