जानिये क्या है फायरमैन के प्रशिक्षण, शैक्षणिक योग्यता और अवसर

एक फायरमैन हर तरह की आग से कई स्थानों जैसे गगनचुम्भी इमारतों, घरों, दुकानों इत्यादि में सबसे आगे जूझता है ताकि वो हर तरह से जान माल ली रक्षा कर सके| इस तरह से वह अग्निशमन विभाग में एक अहम् भूमिका निभाता है| इसलिए यह कहने में बिलकुल दोराहे नहीं

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High Paying Job

Are You Looking for a High Paying Job in MP?

Who doesn’t want a bigger paycheck after completing school education? There is nothing wrong with looking for a job that can make you money. In a recent survey, around 63% of employees related high salaries with their job satisfaction. There are different fields you can choose after 12th that can

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career after 12

Career After 12th – 99% Job Guarantee

There are many career options after 12th. One can do B.Sc., Engineering, B.A., B.Com., B.Tech and etc. A huge crowd is doing the same after 12th. Students do not have proper knowledge of what to do after 12th. As B.Sc., Engineering, and others are old options. They are valuable but

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